Water Simplified

Aqua Element in Southern Nevada INC. (PHSI)

Aqua Element is a family owned business in beautiful Southern Nevada. Our company is operated by that same family along with some of the greatest people in Las Vegas. We are proud to bring Southern Nevada the highest quality ice and water dispensers in the industry at the lowest possible price. Our company strives to give excellent service in order to deliver a customer experience that is next level. Our customers are our number one priority and we appreciate the loyalty they give to us.We hope every company will give Aqua Element the chance to  earn its business by allowing us to set up a free trial of our equipment! We look forward to many great years in Southern Nevada!

Eco-Responsible Drinking Water Solutions

Due to the rising impact of consumer waste on the environment, most businesses today strive to “go green” and meet as many sustainability goals as possible. Your company can eliminate the use of bottled water with the help of Aqua Element. We are passionate about providing pure water and making the planet a healthier place. Our bottle-less water purification systems will deliver unlimited delicious drinking water to your employees and your customers.

Giving Back

As local business owners, we understand the importance of giving back to ur community. Aqua Element is affiliated with many organizations and we donate our time and resources to support many local events and fundraisers.

Aqua Element Will Never Let You Down

The Aqua Element team strives to go above and beyond our clients expectations. We deliver exactly what we promise! Many small businesses come and go, but Aqua Element is a direct partner with our manufacturer PHSI (since 2011), ensuring that you will always have the support that you deserve.





Are you Ready to Ditch the Bottle?

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